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Sound Poetry with host David Gilmour


  • This is a variety of poets whom David has interviewed, reading poetry of the season from home.
  • 1. Joy Ladin – “Christmas Eve” (1:15)
    2. Michael Dylan Welch – “An Austrian Christmas” (1:54)
    3. Luke Salazar – “Black Friday” (1:45)
    4. Ann Tweedy – “Homecoming” (1:01)
    5. Linda Robertson – “A Mile Up Cub Creek” (:54)
    6. Richard Tice – “Lessons in Haiku for Xmas” (1:33)
    7. Luke Salazar – “WWJD” (:54)
    8. Bill Fay – “Midnight Promise” (1:58)
    9. Michael Schein – “Christmas for Christ’s Sake” (2:16)
    10. Tim Sherry – “M & Ms on the Floor” (1:09)
    11. Michael Schein aka AB Bard – “HO HO HO” (1:26)
    12. Risa Denenberg – “Selfie with Ineffable Joy” (1:54)
    13. Diemm – “Empty Nest” (2:12)
    14. Tim Sherry – “December Morning” (1:54)
    15. Steve Nebel – “First Frost” (1:06)
    16. David Gilmour – “Soul Food” (1:23)
    17. David Gilmour – “Breaking Bread” (1:26)


  • Michael Schein aka AB Bard talks about, and reads his persona poems based on his “Killer Poet” persona.


  • David Gilmour interviews Portland poet, Michael Schein. Laughs and poetry insight from the founder of LiTFUSE Poets Workshop


  • David Gilmour interviews Oakland, CA poet Colleen McKee.


  • Headmistress Press does a second group reading. 2nd Headmistress Press Poets. The poets are as follows: Jen Rouse, Katherine Fallon, Laura Foley, and Virginia Petrucci.


  • Headmistress Press does a group reading. This is Part One of two Headmistress Press group readings, four poets in each plus a bonus of two “selfie” poems from Risa Denenberg. Featured poets are: Bonnie Morris, Colleen McKee Shoshana, Gillian Ebersole, and Hillary Brown.


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Ann Tweedy with her poems on motherhood, and nature. Tweedy comments on her work as a lawyer who has worked with Native American tribes and now teaches behind that work.


  • David Gilmour interviews Risa Denenberg, who is poet and publisher of Headmistress Press



  • David Gilmour interviews poet Peter Ludwin of Kent, WA, about the 70s music scene in Seattle


  • David Gilmour enjoys the poetry, voices and humor of Luke Salazar, an Olympia poet


  • Interview with Michael Dylan Welch, who discusses the nuts and bolts of Haiku, and reads his own Haiku


  • Glenn comes back, discusses movies, the state of the nation, and reads outrageous poetry


  • David Gilmour’s second interview with Bill Fay, including his entire “Mexican Redondo” as well as discussion and a poem about Susan B. Anthony


  • David Gilmour interviews Haiku master, Richard Tice


  • David Gilmour interviews Fox Island poet, Bill Fay


  • David Gilmour and Steve Nebel discuss Sound Poetry, how it started, and how passionate they are about it


  • David Gilmour with Haiku artist Carmen Sterba, who speaks about her years living in Japan and the local Haiku organization


  • David Gilmour interviews Christina Butcher of Blue Cactus Press


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Ieisha McIntyre


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Abigail Viscarra Perez


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Martha Silano. They talk about their experiences with local demonstrators surrounding the death of George Floyd


  • David Gilmour interviews Molly Tennenbaum, who speaks of her ventriloquist grandparents


  • David Gilmour interviewing Port Townsend poet, Linda M. Robertson


  • David Gilmour interviewing Portland poet, Jay Nebel


  • Group poetry reading with David Gilmour, Susan Gilmour, Steve Nebel, and Kristi Nebel


  • Harpist and Writer Diemm 


  •  John Ramm


  • David Gilmour interviewing Glenn Butkus – WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE


  • 2019-2021 Tacoma Poet Laureate – Abby E. Murray 


  • Latest Sound Poetry interview. Josie Turner interviewed by David Gilmour.


  • This is Kristi Nebel interviewing Kathye Long about the poetry of Rob Folsom. Anyone who attended Victory open mikes as a regular will remember Rob. He also ran a recording studio, and a sound company. He was the founder of the Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival.”


  • Interview with Pat Dixon


  • This is Allen Braden, poet, born in farming country, chair of the humanities at TCC


  •  Lucas Smiraldo


  • Michael Magee


  •  Bill Kupinse


  • “This is an interview of David Gilmour conducted by Kristi Nebel. David reads some of his poetry and talks about his background. He even sings a wee song.”