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  • Michael Daley Part I  – Michael Daley is an Anacortes poet, and runs Empty Bowl Press. In 2022, Telemachus, Mr. Daley’s first novel, will be published by Pleasure Boat Studio of Seattle, Cervena Barva Press in Somerville, Massachusetts, is expected to publish his poetry collection, True Heresies, and Dos Madres will publish This Is How Good You Are: New & Selected Poems.


  • Sound Poetry Presents Vashon spoken-word poet, Nancy Lee Spears. Nancy Lee Spears has worked as a DJ for an Adult / Contemporary Formatted FM Station in Portland, Oregon, been an on-air pitcher for public television for various fundraising drives for PBS in Durham, NC and has worked as the assistant to public affairs for an NBC-TV affiliate station in Portland, OR. She was an independent voice contractor for a radio station in Connecticut as well. She also had a silent bit part in the John Badham movie, “Short Circuit” in Hollywood. In her singing career, some of her stage credits include: Ms. Buttercup in H.M.S. Pinafore, The Courtesan in “Three Boys from Syracuse” and Ms. Krumholtz in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” She’s studied jazz with a vocal coach, plays guitar, practices hot yoga and writes inspirational music and sings for her community church. She also performs jazz at local restaurants and venues for special events. Currently she is working on her book called, “My Yellow Dress.”



  • Sound Poetry presents Olympia Poet, Bill Yake. His website may be found here: https://yake325.wixsite.com/bill-yake-poetry

    Bill says about himself:
    “For many years I worked as a senior environmental scientist with the Washington State Department of Ecology, leading studies of toxic contamination in rivers, lakes, marine systems, soils, fish, aquifers, and sediments. The stories told by sediment cores were especially engaging — our successes and failures, nature’s relentlessness — not unlike the inferences drawn from poems.

    I am a poet, naturalist, photographer, traveler, and occasional essayist living with my wife, Jeannette, on the verge of a ravine carved by a small chum salmon creek. Green Cove Creek feeds the southern Salish Sea (Puget Sound). It is a world rich in water, forests, mushrooms, owls, and mollusks.”


  • Interview with Sandra Noel. Sandra Noel has contributed her artistic and design skills as a volunteer for non-profit conservation organizations including Alliance for Tompotika, a conservation education non-profit working in Sulawesi, Indonesia, www.tompotika.org Her poems have appeared in Pontoon, Protest Poems, Buddhist Poetry Review, Bellowing Ark, Elohi Gadugi Journal and others, and four chapbooks intitled, “The Gypsy in my Kitchen,” and “Into the Green,” Finishing Line Press, “The River,” Kelsay Press, and “Unraveling the Endless Knot,” Middle Creek Publishing & Audio and, “Love, Island,” a full-length poetry book published by Goldfish Press. Her website URL is:  www.noeldesigninterp.com




  • Olympia poet Thomas A. Thomas reads for Sound Poetry. Thomas A. Thomas is an Olympia poet. His poems have appeared in Anesthesia Review, The Periodical Lunch, Writer’s Digest, Oberon, and most recently in FemAsia Magazine. His full length book, “Getting Here,” published in 2005, received an Honorable Mention in the 14th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards. Thomas has been an active member in the Olympia Poetry Network for many years now, where he has twice been the Featured Reader in their monthly Series. During the Pandemic year of 2020 he has read for international and inclusive audiences in Cultivating Voices Facebook group, with writers from Ireland, India, Canada and numerous other countries, and was also featured in the 100,000 Poets for Change, a Toronto Canada ZOOM event with poets from 4 continents and 8 time zones. He is on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.a.thomas



  • Alan Walowitz interview  – Alan Walowitz has been writing poetry, sometimes successfully and sometimes un-, for more than 50 years. He has a small portion of an MFA in Writing from Goddard College, and has an entire degree from Eastern Connecticut State University and several from Queens College of the City University of NY. He’s studied with poets Estha Weiner, Fred Marchant, C.K. Williams, Carol Muske, Colette Inez, and Stephen Stepanchev, among others who probably would not want their names mentioned with his. Find out more at: http://alanwalowitz.com/













  • Part one of two parts: Seattle poet Koon Woon being interviewed by David Gilmour for Sound Poetry. // “Born in a small village in 1949 China, [Koon Woon] listens to the edge of America, pours Cantonese nouns into a Stevens/Eliot/Whitman mixmaster and serves up dispatches from a borderland where expulsion is a state of grace.” — The Village Voice   // “These poems set a thousand horses galloping in the Asian diaspora in which so many are caught.” — Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    Learn more about Koon Woon here: https://kaya.com/authors/koon-woon/



  • Brighton, UK. March 3, 2021 –  Backlash Press is proud to announce the winner of the Best Book Award, Into The The, by Robin Reagler of Houston, Texas. According to Gretchen Heffernan, Publisher at Backlash Press, “Reagler’s poetry shows us how language is playground, high ground, and common ground for communicating what is most important about our human condition.” Backlash Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to releasing work that narrates a contemplated resistance to obedience and trend. Part one of two parts: David Gilmour and Robin Reagler discuss “abstract” poetry.

    Find out more about Ms. Reagler here:   https://robinreagler.com/









  • This is a variety of poets whom David has interviewed, reading poetry of the season from home.
  • 1. Joy Ladin – “Christmas Eve” (1:15)
    2. Michael Dylan Welch – “An Austrian Christmas” (1:54)
    3. Luke Salazar – “Black Friday” (1:45)
    4. Ann Tweedy – “Homecoming” (1:01)
    5. Linda Robertson – “A Mile Up Cub Creek” (:54)
    6. Richard Tice – “Lessons in Haiku for Xmas” (1:33)
    7. Luke Salazar – “WWJD” (:54)
    8. Bill Fay – “Midnight Promise” (1:58)
    9. Michael Schein – “Christmas for Christ’s Sake” (2:16)
    10. Tim Sherry – “M & Ms on the Floor” (1:09)
    11. Michael Schein aka AB Bard – “HO HO HO” (1:26)
    12. Risa Denenberg – “Selfie with Ineffable Joy” (1:54)
    13. Diemm – “Empty Nest” (2:12)
    14. Tim Sherry – “December Morning” (1:54)
    15. Steve Nebel – “First Frost” (1:06)
    16. David Gilmour – “Soul Food” (1:23)
    17. David Gilmour – “Breaking Bread” (1:26)


  • Michael Schein aka AB Bard talks about, and reads his persona poems based on his “Killer Poet” persona.


  • David Gilmour interviews Portland poet, Michael Schein. Laughs and poetry insight from the founder of LiTFUSE Poets Workshop


  • David Gilmour interviews Oakland, CA poet Colleen McKee.


  • Headmistress Press does a second group reading. 2nd Headmistress Press Poets. The poets are as follows: Jen Rouse, Katherine Fallon, Laura Foley, and Virginia Petrucci.


  • Headmistress Press does a group reading. This is Part One of two Headmistress Press group readings, four poets in each plus a bonus of two “selfie” poems from Risa Denenberg. Featured poets are: Bonnie Morris, Colleen McKee Shoshana, Gillian Ebersole, and Hillary Brown.


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Ann Tweedy with her poems on motherhood, and nature. Tweedy comments on her work as a lawyer who has worked with Native American tribes and now teaches behind that work.


  • David Gilmour interviews Risa Denenberg, who is poet and publisher of Headmistress Press



  • David Gilmour interviews poet Peter Ludwin of Kent, WA, about the 70s music scene in Seattle


  • David Gilmour enjoys the poetry, voices and humor of Luke Salazar, an Olympia poet


  • Interview with Michael Dylan Welch, who discusses the nuts and bolts of Haiku, and reads his own Haiku


  • Glenn comes back, discusses movies, the state of the nation, and reads outrageous poetry


  • David Gilmour’s second interview with Bill Fay, including his entire “Mexican Redondo” as well as discussion and a poem about Susan B. Anthony


  • David Gilmour interviews Haiku master, Richard Tice


  • David Gilmour interviews Fox Island poet, Bill Fay


  • David Gilmour and Steve Nebel discuss Sound Poetry, how it started, and how passionate they are about it


  • David Gilmour with Haiku artist Carmen Sterba, who speaks about her years living in Japan and the local Haiku organization


  • David Gilmour interviews Christina Butcher of Blue Cactus Press


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Ieisha McIntyre


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Abigail Viscarra Perez


  • David Gilmour interviews poet Martha Silano. They talk about their experiences with local demonstrators surrounding the death of George Floyd


  • David Gilmour interviews Molly Tennenbaum, who speaks of her ventriloquist grandparents


  • David Gilmour interviewing Port Townsend poet, Linda M. Robertson


  • David Gilmour interviewing Portland poet, Jay Nebel


  • Group poetry reading with David Gilmour, Susan Gilmour, Steve Nebel, and Kristi Nebel


  • Harpist and Writer Diemm 


  •  John Ramm


  • David Gilmour interviewing Glenn Butkus – WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE


  • 2019-2021 Tacoma Poet Laureate – Abby E. Murray 


  • Latest Sound Poetry interview. Josie Turner interviewed by David Gilmour.


  • This is Kristi Nebel interviewing Kathye Long about the poetry of Rob Folsom. Anyone who attended Victory open mikes as a regular will remember Rob. He also ran a recording studio, and a sound company. He was the founder of the Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival.”


  • Interview with Pat Dixon


  • This is Allen Braden, poet, born in farming country, chair of the humanities at TCC


  •  Lucas Smiraldo


  • Michael Magee


  •  Bill Kupinse


  • “This is an interview of David Gilmour conducted by Kristi Nebel. David reads some of his poetry and talks about his background. He even sings a wee song.”