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“Grit City Stories” is hosted by Joe Bomar of the Tacoma Historical Society. Grit City Stories airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 AM; and at 6 PM on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


14. Grit City Stories: Paul Miller, America’s Car Museum, Apr. 14, 2022


13. Grit City Stories: Kathy Renneker, Brown + Haley Candy Co, Mar 31, 2022


12. Grit City Stories: Erin Lasley, 62nd AirLift Wing History, March 25, 2022


11. Grit City Stories: Erin Lasley, McChord History Grit City Story, March 25, 2022


10. Grit City Stories: Blake Surina, Fircrest Town History, March 17, 2022


9. Grit City Stories: Erin Lasley, Dan Cooper Around Tacoma, March 25, 2022


8.5. Grit City Stories: Trenton Quiocho, Gather Hilltop Exhibit Opening, Mar 24, 2022


8. Grit City Stories: Margaret Bullock, Tacoma Art Museum, Mar 23, 2022


7. Grit City Stories: John Haley, Buffelen Lumber, January 31, 2022


6. Grit City Stories: Katie Buckingham, MoG, January 25, 2022


5: Grit City Stories: Julia Berg, Seaport, January 20 2022


4. Grit City Stories: Bill Baarsma Interview, November 19, 2021


3: Grit City Stories:  John Haley Interview – Flight History – November 18, 2021


2: Grit City Stories: Chris Staudingur, Spooky Tacoma


1: Grit City Stories: John Haley interview –  September 29, 2021. This first episode is an interview with Mr. John Buffelen Haley, grandson of William Buffelen, who almost single-handedly grew the city back in the early 1900s. The story is a bit about the lumber industry, but mostly family tales and his old home.