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Episode 6: Ebb and Flow
In this episode, Emerson and Lauren talk about our experiences with the ebb and flow of our businesses, of our creativity, and of our daily lives. Often it’s frustrating and exhausting to experience the rollercoaster of ebb and flow, and sometimes it can be encouraging to remember that change will come. We discuss our personal coping mechanisms for dealing with ebb and flow, and we discover the importance of finding gratitude for the ebbing times that, like a painful labor, can deliver some really great things.


Episode 5: Perfectionism –
Emerson and Lauren do a deep dive into perfectionism–the thing that’s been controlling our lives for the past thirty years! We talk about how it’s affected us throughout our lives and how we’ve begun to navigate it by addressing our fears, remembering that we’re safe, changing what we can, and reframing what we can’t. You’ll be introduced to the concept of a “bug graveyard,” and your life will never be the same–well, it will, but you’re gonna laugh more often.


Episode 4:  Improvisation

In this episode of The Ugly Podcast, Emerson and Lauren talk about using improvisation in our businesses and personal lives. This could also be known as the Episode of a Thousand Analogies; that’s the only way we could conceptualize how improvising makes us feel: skydiving, playing Dance Dance Revolution, riding rollercoasters. We discuss that horrible feeling called uncertainty and how both of us used to use certainty as a way to help us feel safe. It can be so scary to take action and improvise through uncertainty, but doing so has helped us take huge steps in our businesses and come into our authentic selves.


Episode 3: How Do You Want to Do This?


Episode 2: Ugly Authenticity


Episode 1: Ugly Creativity