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Episode 43:  In the News: Lukas and Dig get this episode started talking about the continued assault on women’s rights by Republicans and how they are not going to stop with the upcoming Supreme Court decision. The pair begin the news segment discussing the proposed King County “task force” that is working on a plan to stop cannabis shop robberies, followed by a look at a failed attempt to Unionize a cannabis grow in Oregon, a lawsuit filed against former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, and, lastly, they give a quick update on the state of psilocybin legalization going on around the country. For the Interview this week, Lukas speaks with Bonita Money of the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA) and Mike Bologna of Dip Devices about the lingering effects of the drug war on the Black community, things companies can do to promote social equity, a partnership between Dip Devices and NDICA and more. It’s a Bust follows a case in Southern Oregon in which a 64 year old woman is arrested at a large scale cannabis grow.


Episode 42: In this episode of The Cannabis Corner, Lukas and Dig get the show started talking about garden zones and the shows new blog. In the news: The news segment looks at Federal cannabis news, a California bill to allow cannabis sales at farmers markets, cannabis tax revenue passing alcohol and tobacco tax receipts in Arizona and, lastly, the pair rap the news segment up with some discussion about ordering seeds online. Next, Lukas interviews Z and Zack of Harvest Direct Enterprises. Z and Zack share incites on the entourage effect, what’s on the cannabis chemistry horizon, how Harvest Direct preserves strain profiles in non-smokeable products and more. And finally, It’s a Bust takes a peak at a case out of California where a father and son pair are arrested for a second time for cannabis distribution.


Episode 41: Lukas and Dig start Episode 41 with a moment of silence and remembrance for a local cannabis activist who passed away recently. In this episode, the news segment looks at medical cannabis shortages in New Mexico after adult use cannabis goes live,  Montana’s booming cannabis industry, Mississippi’s new medical cannabis regulations and a list of the top cannabis cities in the country.  Next, Lukas talks to the founder and CEO of  Heylo, a Washington State licensed processor,  Lo Friesen in this week’s interview. They talk about cannabis education, transparency, chat about all the “Deltas” in cannabis, cannabis and the LGBTQ community  and more. Lastly, in “It’s a Bust,” the duo talk about a brazen attempt to swim 155 pounds of cannabis across the Brownsville, TX ship canal.


Episode 40: Episode 40 of The Cannabis Corner kicks off with a look back at the disappointing WA legislative session. In this episode Lukas and Dig talk about Cannabis shop robberies in Washington, a proposed Alabama law requiring a negative pregnancy test before women can buy medical cannabis, a cannabis heart study and a doctor keeps his medical license after Florida tried to take it after a medical cannabis sting. For this show’s interview, Lukas is joined by Tacoma cannabis and disability advocate Kyle Jolibois, who talks about his run in with Pierce County Washington Sheriff Ed Troyer. Kyle wore a shirt that mentioned the Sheriff at a Tommy Chong meet and greet and things went downhill from there. Tune into hear what happened and how to help. It’s a Bust looks at a case in Panama City, Florida. Lukas and Dig ask if this would have happened to someone with a different  name and continue to ask why  people are still getting arrested for cannabis while others are making millions.”


Episode 39: In this episode of The Cannabis Corner, Lukas and Dig make some 2022 cannabis predictions, talk about St. Louis cannabis reforms, Malta legalization, the Mohawk tribe pre-empting New York adult use and CA regulators cracking down on the Emerald Cup. Their guest is multi-state dispensary chain Fluent CEO Robert Beasley, who talks about what makes medical cannabis medical, challenges Federal prohibition presents to chains like Fluent, and what’s behind Florida’s high medical cannabis prices. “It’s a Bust” looks at a 24 plant bust in Texas.


Episode 38: In this episode Lukas and Dig talk about HUD continuing its cannabis ban, the VA dragging its feet on medical cannabis, Texas Delta 8 THC ban and cannabis and social media. In the interview Michelle Jun and Lisa Coates  join the show and talk CO2 extraction, women in cannabis and STEM, and AK cannabis. It’s a Bust looks at a cannabis and psilocybin bust in Louisiana.  


Episode 37:  In this episode Lukas and Dig talk Pakistan legalizing, Montana hemp, Leafly ag study and a Florida medical cannabis survey. Peter Aspig, CEO of Sweet Earth Farms, talks hemp farming, CBD technology and administration in the interview. It’s a Bust looks at a bust in Tennessee involving an Amish cannabis farmer.


Episode 36:  In this episode Dig and Lukas talk WA cannabinoid policy, an artificial cannabinoid study, California entheogen initiative and bill, Amazon dropping drug tests and CA dispensaries suing the state. Dig gives an end-of-the-season garden update. It’s a Bust looks at the FBI crime report and cannabis arrests.


Episode 35:  In this episode Lukas and Dig talk about the Humboldt County CA grant program, Marshawn Lynch’s partnership with the Last Prisoner Project, California prisons and cannabis, and AZ’s problematic social equity program. Lukas interviews Dig, a two tour Afghan Veteran, about cannabis in Afghanistan and the Taliban take over. It’s a Bust looks at another big bust in southern Oregon.


Episode 34: This episode Lukas and Dig talk WSLCB synthetic Delta 9 THC action, an Arizona hotel allowing cannabis consumption, a cannabis and addiction study and  Colombia cannabis flower exports. Dig has a “Garden Update.” It’s a Bust looks at a big bust in Oklahoma.

Read more about synthetic Delta 9 THC at Straightline Analitics.


Episode 33: In this week’s show, Lukas and Dig talk Nevada social clubs, NFL cannabis research grants, a Virginia seed giveaway and cannabis in German elections. Their guest is Tahir Johnson of the US cannabis Council, talking about cannabis social equity and red lining in cannabis. It’s a Bust looks at a massive bust in California.


Episode 32: In this episode Lukas and Dig talk California legal cannabis issues, Delta 8 THC, DEA and cannabis research and a Montana lawsuit. Climate scientist Dr. Evan Mills is their guest, talking about the benefits of growing cannabis outdoors at the 2021 WA Sun Growers Association Cannabis Cup. To view Dr. Mills’ presentation, click here. It’s a Bust looks at a large bust in southern Oregon.


Episode 31: In this episode Lukas and Dig talk WA cannabis, WA SB 5476, more state legalizations and a Harvard medical cannabis study. Dr. Jim McCray comes on to talk WA medical cannabis, pesticide testing and more. It’s a Bust looks at a case in CA.


Episode 30: This episode Dig and Lukas talk WA cannabis, the White house and cannabis, potential small town French legalization, THC caps and  Wall St. noticing cannabis marketing. Dig talks bugs and taking clones in his “Garden Update.” “It’s a Bust” looks at two men getting out of prison in AL for drug offenses.


Episode 29: In this episode Lukas and Dig talk about bills to watch for in WA, Texas medical cannabis and cannabis in ancient Egypt. Dig talks about his new indoor setup. “It’s a Bust” takes a look at the drug war in India.


Episode 28: This episode Lukas and Dig talk the future of cannabis in the US Senate, Mississippi initiative court challenge, Rand Paul HEMP bill and Columbian high THC exports. The interview features a talk with Rick Bibbero, author of “90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Smuggling Adventure,” about Thai sticks and some of his other adventures “smuggling marijuana” into the US for over 20 years. “It’s a Bust” takes a look at 4 major busts in Warwic, RI.


Episode 27: In this episode Lukas and Dig take a closer look at the MORE Act, an Oregon cannabis beverage, AZ local cannabis bans and San Fransisco indoor cannabis use policy. Dig updates us on his garden. “It’s a Bust” looks at a large bust on the East Coast.


Episode 26: In this episode Lukas and Dig talk about IL expungement, CANNARA, the UN vote and Mexico legalization. They talk traceability with Dan McMan of Bud Wiz. “It’s a Bust” looks at a case in the UK.


Episode 25:  In this episode Lukas and Dig talk more about the spread of legalization across the country, CA research studies and take a look at whether cannabis is really getting stronger. Lukas interviews a local Tacoma cannabis blogger named Heather Dagley to discuss intentional cannabis use, cannabis and grief and Heather’s cannabis holiday recommendations. “It’s a Bust” looks at a massive cannabis bust in New Mexico.


Episode 24:  On this episode Lukas and Dig talk about the cannabis sweep in the election and I-109 and I-110 in Oregon. Dig talks watering and pruning in his garden report. “It’s a Bust” looks at a massive cannabis bust in CA.


Episode 23: This week Lukas and Dig share how they met and what brings them to the Corner, talk about CO delivery and who smokes the most cannabis in the country. Dig takes a terpene test. “It’s a Bust” looks at a WA case.


Episode 22: Leveled


Episode 21: In this episode, Lukas and Dig talk cannabis election meddling, Oregon wild fires, cannabis arrests and Arizona legalization. Dig talks smoke effects and cannabis on his garden update. The show wraps up with a sad story out of NY state on the “It’s a Bust” segment.


Episode 20: Lukas and Dig discuss the Democrats not voting on cannabis legalization in DC, misinformation out of Psychology Today, a Missouri cannabis boom, and social equity in California. Plus, an all new ‘Garden Update” from Uncle Dig.


Episode 19:  Meet the Corner’s new co-host, Uncle Dig. Lukas and Dig discuss cannabis across the US and growing in the NW. The final segment, “It’s a Bust,” looks at a tragic case out of Alabama.


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