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Low Power FM radio is an excellent tool for building and strengthening community. Once a station is on the air, it allows voices that otherwise wouldn’t have such a platform to be heard. An LPFM station gives local bands the opportunity for airtime and allows them to promote their music in their community. The hyper-local nature of a low power station means that if something is happening in and around the town, the station can react and let listeners know.

Radio Tacoma wants to be a resource for Tacoma listeners. The future of the station depends on your support. We have a lot to pay for before we can expand our reach and add additional programming, including licensing fees. Donate to Radio Tacoma today and your contributions will help keep the station on the air!

Ways to Give your Support to Radio Tacoma!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards: Go to this site to sign up for community reward points to Radio Tacoma: