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Episode 25:  In this episode Lukas and Dig talk more about the spread of legalization across the country, CA research studies and take a look at whether cannabis is really getting stronger. Lukas interviews a local Tacoma cannabis blogger named Heather Dagley to discuss intentional cannabis use, cannabis and grief and Heather’s cannabis holiday recommendations. “It’s a Bust” looks at a massive cannabis bust in New Mexico.


Episode 24:  On this episode Lukas and Dig talk about the cannabis sweep in the election and I-109 and I-110 in Oregon. Dig talks watering and pruning in his garden report. “It’s a Bust” looks at a massive cannabis bust in CA.


Episode 23: This week Lukas and Dig share how they met and what brings them to the Corner, talk about CO delivery and who smokes the most cannabis in the country. Dig takes a terpene test. “It’s a Bust” looks at a WA case.


Episode 22: Leveled


Episode 21: In this episode, Lukas and Dig talk cannabis election meddling, Oregon wild fires, cannabis arrests and Arizona legalization. Dig talks smoke effects and cannabis on his garden update. The show wraps up with a sad story out of NY state on the “It’s a Bust” segment.


Episode 20: Lukas and Dig discuss the Democrats not voting on cannabis legalization in DC, misinformation out of Psychology Today, a Missouri cannabis boom, and social equity in California. Plus, an all new ‘Garden Update” from Uncle Dig.


Episode 19:  Meet the Corner’s new co-host, Uncle Dig. Lukas and Dig discuss cannabis across the US and growing in the NW. The final segment, “It’s a Bust,” looks at a tragic case out of Alabama.


Interlude: Hemposium Day 2, Talk #5 – Opiate Crisis


Interlude: CannaCon Mastered Aaron


Interlude: Hemposium Day 2, Talk #2


Interlude: Hemposium Day 2, Talk #4 – Social diversity and equality


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